software overview

 Aster Gen is equipped with:

  • Wizard for Project Generation, easy to use for non-expert users for time reduction to define system setup .
  • Software environment with 3D visualization of system components
  • Project generated from standard configurations already inside the software, editable by user
  • Automatic budget generation and facility layout with parts list, bill of material editable manually.
  • Complete and Customizable Technical Report in RTF  with Company  branding and products archive, elements codes, technical and commercial conditions.
  •  Possibility of Multiple Licenses for Companies want to offer a Complete Technical and Commercial Service through its Designers, Service Centers, Distributor
  • Multilingual and multi License



Through a simple Wizard that guides the user through the various steps, ASTER ® Gen reduce the time in choosing and defining the system and make sizing even accessible to non-expert users.


ASTER GEN C perform Calculation sizing and verification of flue ducts according to European norms EN 13384-1 and EN 13384-2, UNI10640, UNI 10641 - dimensioning of flue ducts for cascade boilers.



Input data


Calculations of Velocity, Pressure and Temperature are based on:

- location data, fuel, heat appliance type, heat mass flowrate and temperature appliance, chimney system configuration


- All types of heat generators, including fireplaces and generator sets

- Physical properties of the combustion products (from data input or library)


Standard configurations available:

Single at the service of a single-flow and coaxial flue gas generator, Single at the service of several generators (Collectors), Collective Ramifications / CCRs, Single-flow Collective, Balanced Collective, Coaxial Collective


Outputs: Customizable Calculation Reports




With  ASTER ® Gen, separately or at the end of the sizing session, you can switch to the generation of the plant scheme.


Automatically it can be generated the vertical scheme , according to the specifications introduced during the calculation by checking the compatibility of the various components and dimensions

Manually or modified from existent, can be generated the vertical  and horizontal scheme and all components such as collector and flue duct including accessories



ASTER ® Gen, customized with Company data, enables the user to automatically generate a bill of materials, components and accessories and thus allows to issue a quotation plant.

At the end of the modifications / additions, can be generate the table with the list of elements of system, choosing Budget Button in the main window details

Output data

  • Window with bill of elements and Budget
  • Feature on the management of codes in the quotation window, filters on product families, management of special elements
  • Detailed budget reports and prt list in RTF format, customizable by the user
  • Prints of the budget, part list and Trade Conditions
  • Export to DXF format the 1: 1 scaling scheme (automatically connects to Computer resources)