Sinapsi Innotec  srl  offers a range of software and services aimed at solve technical problems in all areas where its solid experience in fluid dynamics, heat transfer and design of software for the Thermal Systems Analysis gives an original and innovative contribution


Sinapsi Innotec Srl was founded in the 90s by believing in the development of Renewable Energies and in the use of Simulation Systems and Mathematical Modeling as a tool to understand  reality and act on it in design process. At first the idea is applied as support for research and development of Companies, subsequently is detected what is a strong need in the industrial landscape: Creation of systems for simulation and configuration of products as a support in the planning phases and pre-post sales for users with different levels of specialization task.




















We are convinced that the world and the productive system  is becoming more and more complex due to the multiplicity of technological solutions, globalization and the consequent multiplication of human relations. Against this,  there is an increasing need for clarity and simplicity in use of things (instruments) and in the control of production and sales processes. Therefore, we propose solutions and software that make simple and easy to understand the phenomenon or process,  they guide users to avoid mistakes and, at the same time, allowing people with hight level of knowledge to enter in the core of process . Software Integrated the whole cycle of opportunity  creation  from design to sales.

We are animated by great enthusiasm and an inexhaustible curiosity to understand things, phenomena and energy, without which nothing moves

All things can be represented in a unified way with mathematical logical relationships between small universes.
This Is an affirmation risky but we firmly believe, and our products are proof.
A "bridge" between the complex and the need for simplicity.
Our dream is to become a reference point; winning position with the dedication, the pursuit of perfection, the new ideas and an ethical vision that puts the physical and mental well-being of himself and of others first, and that a company can ensure a repsonsabile profit.
Our dream is also to see the spread of a culture more sensitive and respectful of the environment and use of energy resources, especially because it was our historical starting point in the evolution of the company.